Painter and sculptor, Laetitia PLINGUET is drawing her inspiration from horses.
She has had a genuine interest and appreciation for horses and has been ridding since the age of 5. She steadily developed a close connection with horses; she became a dressage rider and graduated the instructorship.

She has also got attracted since the early age with drawing and using all art forms such as painting and sculpting, horses still remaining her main subject.
She graduated Interior Designer from Modern Art School ESAM in Paris, and then starts to exhibit her artwork.
First mastering an artistic form of hyperrealism, Laetitia is now working on suggesting the horse essence through blending different techniques  such as chinese paper pasted up on canvas,
charcoals, oil and pastels...
All matching together to serve passionatly horses which could be powerfull as willow charcoals,delicate as paper, shinning like oil painting and galloping through inks...

As a sculptor, Laetitia  is mainly making horse of Terra cotta, as sculpting in clay reminds her the way the hand is stroking a horse's coat.
Terracotta's technique is uncommon in horse's representation, indeed this fragile material needs daily cares through the weeks that will take a piece to dry.

She has shown her works in many Art Galleries in Paris and many prestigious places such as La Garde Républicaine, Les Haras Nationaux (National Studs), Le Polo de Paris, Deauville's Racetrack and many personal exhibitions in International and National jumping and dressage events

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